EZ Hook medium (14")

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E-Z HOOK ~ Made in Texas   Free shipping!!

Turn, Flip and carry food like a pro! The E-Z Hook handcrafted food flipper replaces traditional BBQ tongs, cooking forks and barbecue spatulas. A quick flip of the wrist is all it takes to turn and flip food with ease! It will not scratch pans or collect grease like a spatula. Does not bleed or mark meats. The E-Z Hook has so many uses - you will wonder how you ever cooked without it! They are hand crafted entirely in Texas - where people know, live and breathe BBQ!

When used for cooking, in the kitchen or on the grill, just barely touch the top of your meat, turn your wrist a quarter turn, lift straight up, then lay it back down & reverse a quarter turn out of it. That's all! Its extremely sharp, stainless steel hook doesn't penetrate enough to lose the natural juices. Unlike a fork, the meat will not fall off until you are ready to put it down, making it great for frying in a skillet (no oil splashed over you or your stove). It is absolutely the best tool ever for frying bacon!

The E-Z HOOK can also be used to get pickles, olives, or peppers out of a jar; dredging meat for double battering (eliminating pasty fingers); serving meat or fresh vegetables on your buffet or dining table; dipping strawberries, pretzels, candy in chocolate; and a dozen other uses we haven't even thought of yet (but you will!).

EZ Hooks are entirely handcrafted in Texas and are available in "South-Paw" left-handed by email request.

Medium hook holds up to 6 pounds.

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