Smoking Pellets and Smoke Stix


BBQr's Delight -- Smoke Flavor for ANY Grill

The ONLY barbeque wood pellet that's 100% flavorwood! These food-grade wood pellets are the fastest and easiest way to give your food smoke flavor on any gas, charcoal or electric outdoor cooker. No Soaking!

How to use pellets -- a YouTube Link

If the bag says Hickory, there's only hickory in the bag! That's true of the other eleven pure flavorwood types as well. With Mesquite, Apple, Cherry, Sugar Maple, Oak, Pecan, Orange, Sassafras, Mulberry, Alder and Black Walnut, there's a flavor for every food and every palate!

Savory Herb is a blended pellet. Oak saw dust is mixed with oregano, rosemary and thyme to produce a pellet that has the distinctive odor of those herbs. It's especially good on chicken, pork and lamb.

The process that makes Jack Daniel'sŪ unique among whiskies is the "charcoal mellowing". The whiskey seeps slowly through finely ground charcoal for ten to fourteen days before it goes into oak barrels to age. Then, that charcoal...well it's good and soaked with Jack Daniel's whiskey, just right for turning it into smoking pellets that enhance your cooking with that one of a kind whiskey flavor. Jack Daniel'sŪ Smoking Pellets are perfect for grilling hamburgers and many other foods.

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