Smoke Pistol Smoke Generator

The Old Smokehouse or the new BBQ grill. It's the smoke that makes the flavor and ... The SmokePistol™ makes the smoke! Cold Smoking Fun Hot Smoked Favorites Smoked Cheese Make real smoked cheese. You don't even need a smoker. Apple Smoked Turkey Here's how to make the real thing. When you make this you won't go back to the store bought stuff. Smoked Beef Jerky The best beef jerky you ever had. You can make it for half the cost of that manufactured junk with real lean beef. BBQ Smoked Ribs Real slow cooked BBQ ribs with a great smoked flavor. Mouth watering ribs the old fashioned way. Maple Smoked Salmon The finest fresh smoked salmon made with apple wood smoke. Great food, great fun and unique gifts. Make this fantastic food and more at home on your own grill or smoker. Maple Smoked Salmon The SmokePistol Over 4 hours of smoke on a single cartridge! Wood cartridges 9 flavors for hot or cold smoking. Continuous fully adjustable smoke!

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