Backwoods Smoker

Each Backwoods Smoker comes with gaskets on the doors, and high quality latches to help you to minimize heat and smoke loss.  It also helps you to get more economy out of your charcoal by allowing to burn slower with less oxygen. PLEASE CALL TO DISCUSS YOU OWN CUSTOMIZED UNIT. 800.664.1032
Backwoods Smoker, High Quality BBQ Smokers For Any Level of Expertise

imageWelcome to the web home of Backwoods Smoker, where we have been smoking the competition for over 20 years! We created this site to try to give you all the resources you would need to educate yourself about our brand of cookers, and to interact with our awesome owner community.

Backwoods smokers are upright water cookers. Using a patented double wall construction, we have put high quality insulation into every cooker. This gives you superior heat control in your pit. Because of our double wall design, you can walk up to a Backwoods Smoker which is cranking 400 degrees of heat into the pit, and touch the outside of the cooker which is still cool!.

Thanks for dropping by to visit us, happy smokin'!