*Smoky Okie's OKIE DUST Rib Pork and Poultry Seasoning 6.125lb

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I have tried countless rubs and made them too, but have never come close to how good Smoky Okies Okie Dust is. We go through about 1/2- 1 lb. of this stuff a week at our house. We put it on everything. Ofcourse on any protein we are cooking, but some of the family favorites are on hashbrowns and pizza. The very favorite thing to add this rub to is quesadillas. I butter the outside of the tortilla and sprinkle the rub all over the entire thing and then pan cook them. The sugars carmelize and you get all that amazing flavor. Seriouly try it. Once you do you will be the the same boat and going to have to start buying this rub in bulk.
Date Added: 08/01/2020 by Jeff Hill